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Hey! Welcome to our site. I’m the Founder & CEO, Nishan.

Our story:

Good + Plenty Naturals started from my own need for a natural deodorant that worked. I started using natural deodorant in 2012 after my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and we learned of the harmful ingredients in conventional antiperspirants. After an 8 year struggle of not being able to find a natural deodorant that kept me fresh & dry without ruining my clothes, I got pissed and decided to make my own.

Once I created a formula that worked for me, I gave away samples to see if it would work for others and it did! They loved it so much that they started telling other people and next thing you know, I had orders rolling in and Good + Plenty Naturals was born.


Our mission at Good + Plenty Naturals is to educate and empower consumers to live a cleaner and healthier lifestyle by providing high-quality, effective, and safe natural personal care products that nurture the skin you’re in.



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